Great app for all you skiers and snowboarders out there.

This app is the most professional ski tracking application on the market. One of our HardnutZ team tried it out this year and loved it, he hasn’t stopped raving about it since he’s got back.

The app tracks your location all day and shows you where you’ve been, how fast you were going, the altitude you were at and the degree of the slopes you’ve been on. All this information is split into runs so you can compare each run and even get competitive with yourself and your friends. The information is presented very simply as shown below and as you can see it also allows you to see the photos you’ve taken on the slopes through out the day, the app is very battery friendly and runs in the background so you can press start at the beginning of the day and forget it till you check your statistics when your done.

Ski Tracks App

Shocking moment when a cyclist was rammed by a bus

Take a look at this unbelievable footage of a cyclist being rammed off his bike across a road in Bristol. The cyclist and bus driver had had an altercation at a set of traffic lights just before the incident happened. The video shows that as the bus driver looked to overtake the cyclist he then swerved violently and rammed the cyclist clean off his bike. Luckily the cyclist only broke a leg, wrist and thumb but its could have been much worse. The cyclist said afterwards that his helmet saved his life.

Truly shocking story but yet another one to show the importance of your cycling helmet. Stay safe.

Auto Chrome helmet review

The HardnutZ Auto Chrome helmet is the flagship design for our great range of street helmets. We’ve always loved how good this helmet looked when finished and how reflective the chrome finish is.

Although we love all our helmets it is brilliant to hear from other people and reviewers that they agree, check out the review below from The Independent ones of the largest newspapers in the UK.

HardnutZ in Halfords

You can now get your favourite HardnutZ cycle helmets from Halfords online – one of the biggest bike retailers in the UK.

Amazing Escape

Amazing story and video of how two skiers escaped serious injury or even death when caught in an avalanche. Scuba and Pete of Kingsurf got caught in an avalanche in Tignes 2010. Check out the video below to see some extraordinary footage.

Scuba some how managed to out ski most of the falling snow whilst Pete rolled 300 meters down the mountain behind him. They were both fine apart from one of scuba’s skies got buried so he had to ski back on one foot. The beer they had at the bottom of the mountain may have cost 8 euro’s but it was one of the best beers ever! Luckily both were wearing HardnutZ helmets (Chrome and Dogz) and got out unscathed. Picture below shows the aftermath, just a little shaken.

Ski Helmet

Avalanche aftermath

What Mountain Bike magazine review.

Check out this great review from What Mountain Bike magazine. Always nice to get recognition, especially from such a big magazine who see so much great stuff and will have seen a lot of helmets.

London Bike Show 2012

We had a great time at the London Bike Show, was brilliant to see you if you managed to get down and check out the show. Our HardnutZ helmets seemed to go down really well and everyone we spoke to loved our funky designs.

Here are a couple of pictures of us at the show. A young boy trying on our Rock Hard helmet and checking out the other designs.

HardnutZ at the London Bike Show 2012

HardnutZ at the London Bike Show 2012

The London Bike Show was such a success that they have announced that they’ve signed up to hold it at the ExCel again in 2013 from January 17th to January 20th.

HardnutZ out and about

We at HardnutZ love showing off our gear and seeing what else is on offer at these ski and cycle shows all over the UK. This week we are at the London Bike Show at the Excel, we are there from Thursday 12th to Saturday 15th at stand LB400. Why not come and say hello and have a look around a great event. The picture below shows just how much fun is to be had at the event.

London Bike Show

Then we are off for the Slide ActionSport Tradeshow, a ski and snowboarded show at the Telford International centre on Sunday 12th to Tuesday 14th February. This is another good fun event with loads to see, including our ski and snowboarding gear of course. The pictures below from last years event shows how many good products can be found there and how up close and personal you can get with the guys behind them.

SlideUK ActionSport Tradeshow 2011

First picture of HardnutZ gear on the slopes……Alain Baxter, Scottish, ex-Olympic downhiller…….

HardnutZ goggles on the slopes!

Here is the first ever picture of a HardnutZ product on the slopes! Alain Baxter was in Zermatt training and wore both our good weather goggles and our flat light goggles. Both, he said, performed well in the varied conditons that he had. I reckon they look good too!

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