Great app for all you skiers and snowboarders out there.

This app is the most professional ski tracking application on the market. One of our HardnutZ team tried it out this year and loved it, he hasn’t stopped raving about it since he’s got back. The app tracks your location all day and shows you where you’ve been, how fast you were going, the altitude […]

Shocking moment when a cyclist was rammed by a bus

Take a look at this unbelievable footage of a cyclist being rammed off his bike across a road in Bristol. The cyclist and bus driver had had an altercation at a set of traffic lights just before the incident happened. The video shows that as the bus driver looked to overtake the cyclist he then […]

Auto Chrome helmet review

The HardnutZ Auto Chrome helmet is the flagship design for our great range of street helmets. We’ve always loved how good this helmet looked when finished and how reflective the chrome finish is. Although we love all our helmets it is brilliant to hear from other people and reviewers that they agree, check out the […]

HardnutZ in Halfords

You can now get your favourite HardnutZ cycle helmets from Halfords online – one of the biggest bike retailers in the UK.